A New Goddess #1

By: Bowser Koopa

The night knows no eyes in the slumbering city of Athens, as one security guard learns in his final moments.

NO!” screams the security guard, his voice echoing through the darkened halls of the museum.

The guard lies writhing on the floor at the sight of the unwanted intruder; his trigger finger weeps heavily causing his .38 Special to tremble in anxiety. A gigantic nude feminine figure cloaked in the shadows looms over him. Its body is stretched taller than any statues the museum can carry, its head reaching as high as the ceiling.

No, don’t do it.” the guard cries as the giant’s foot presses down on his body muffling his pleads for mercy.

Tears runs heavily from his bulging eyes, soon enough crimson red blood spills from beneath the feet of his killer. The moon slowly makes way for the sun as the grim occurrences follows into the day.

Within the television set, a man suited in a navy blue business suit sits calmly at a desk, he introduces himself.

Good morning America, this is Steve Wilson coming to you live from Channel 10 News.” He pauses briefly as the image of the museum is brought on screen.

Last night a robbery occurred at The National Archaeological Museum of Athens where six men were found dead. The victims were all security personnel”.

He stops his narration as the image switches to the interior of the museum revealing a broken display case.

What’s strange is that the assailant only took one item and even stranger is the condition of the victims’ body. The police are now trying to determine the manner of their deaths.”

Under the blue sky lies a serene city teaming with people where not many building scraps the afternoon sky. The modern building stands proudly with peace and amity with the historical architecture of the past. This docile city is known as the capital of Rhode Island. At an outdoor café the anchorman’s voice softly emits softly from the laptop of an on looking coffee drinker.

In other news…” the anchorman’s voice dissipates into background.

Seated across the coffee drinker is a couple, a sharply dressed man with blonde hair and a formally dressed woman.

Diana, thank you for coming all this way with Me.” says the man admiring the wild blue yonder lustered within the woman’s eyes.

You don’t have to have keep thanking me, I’m enjoying your company-” the woman pauses to see a giant shoe swing behind her unsuspecting beau.

STEVE!” shouts the woman jumping across the table tackling him to ground.

The couple narrowly misses the attack by a hair’s breadth; however the ill-fated attack manages to decimate the entire café as well as flinging it’s unfortunate patrons in the air. Diana and Steve stands to their feet’s to see a 50ft tall muscular woman with long fiery red curly hair wearing a yellow leopard spotted jumpsuit towering over them,

Giganta!” Diana shouts angrily.

Hello Princess.” Giganta says zealously, cracking her knuckles.

Diana pulls a golden lasso from her beneath her cardigan sweater. She twirls the lasso vigorously around her body; her image is lost within the twirling lasso. A bright blast of light explodes; she reappears in the eyes of her lover while the sparkles glitter around her body. Her jet black hair was no longer banded in a neatly French twist, but flows to her back. Her more formal attire is all but gone; in its place is a more revealing bright red satin bustier. With her christened golden tiara and silver bracelets, she stands boldly up to the giantess. She was no longer Diana, but Wonder Woman.

Steve, get out of here!” yells Wonder Woman to her awe-struck lover. He reluctantly makes his escape among the fleeing masses.

You should know how this is going to end, Giganta” proclaims Wonder Woman.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, this isn’t your everyday fairytale comic book story, Princess.” she declares raising her right wrist while reaching behind her back.

Let me introduce to you, two of the four treasures of Gaia.” She says slipping on a golden serrated bracelet.

Think about it, it’s ironic that the goddess you offer your prayers to will assist in your destruction.” says Giganta fitting on the second bracelet on the other wrist.

It’s ironic enough that an artificially evolved ape can lecture me on irony.” Replies Wonder Woman.

The villainous Titaness begins to chuckle, not long do her chuckles expand into boisterous laughs along with her entire body. She bursts out of her jumpsuit casting a shadow over the awe struck populace below the shade.

Great Hera!” gasps Wonder Woman.

Giganta’s body continues to reach new heights ripping completely out of her suit revealing her more provocative under garments, a leopard skin two-piece loin cloth. Her every expanding foot’s crushes nearby buildings, her every expanding hips demolishes nearby skyscrapers. The super-villainess now stands 3000ft, the civilians couldn’t help but stare into the air as her massive genitalia and anus has become their new sky. Nearly everyone eyes is fixated upon her plumped butt cheeks and amble buxom. At this height, Giganta’s eyes can barley register the speck size super heroine.

I don’t get you Giganta. You can steal money and jewelries, but you can’t steal a single pair of underwear.” Remarks Wonder Woman.

SHUT UP!” retorts Giganta, slamming the Amazonian princess with a massive hook invoking a mighty shockwave strong enough to shake the faith of the people who entrust their fates on the shoulders of the heroine.

Save the petty quips till after you beaten me to a bloody pulp.” snide Giganta lifting her fist. She patiently waits for the departure of rubble and dust.

Within the bowl-shaped crater past the dust and debris lies the heroic Amazonian. She lies back first on the tattered ground, her arms crossed shielding her head with her shiny bracelets, scathe but not beaten she speaks “Thank Athena for these bracelets.”

So, with great honor…” She says lifting her titanic foot off the ground.

I introduce to you the other two treasures of Gaia!” she yells as the serrated golden anklet placed upon her ankles gleams in the sky.

Her raised foot eclipses the sun, ridding the fleeing citizens of illumination and the little hope they had left in the Amazonia. Wonder Woman slams her bracelets together to create a violent wave strong to send the giantess pacing back shielding her ears from the jarring ringing in the air.

You arrogant self-righteous COCKROACH!” she roars, composing herself reopening her eyes only to discover the absence of her long time foe.

Wonder Woman now travels upward through the sky towards the villainous vixen losing herself under her tattered loin-cloth and peaks of flesh.

Where in Hera?” exclaims Wonder Woman twisting her head in confusion. She spots a pink lump of flesh, thinking it to be a possible weak spot she ropes it with her Lasso of Truth tightly binding it.

Ooh!” exclaims Giganta clutching her crotch, as the pink lump begins to throb and erect.

Before the Amazonian realized what she was striking, she gets struck with simple flick of the finger from Giganta. She is send flying across the city, through the buildings, over the water and crashing right into a statue of monumental proportions. Landing face first on the ground, her abnormal durability fails her as she loses consciousness.

Hera…help me…” she grieves as her eyes rolls upward, her fleeting vision is that of a green statue representing a woman wearing a long flowing garment carrying a touch and tablet.

Well I suppose I should go finish Wonder Fly off.”, scoffs Giganta treading through the shaken capital of Rhode Island crushing dozens of frighten and titillated people below her feets.

On a desolate road, a single yellow school bus is parked along side of the road. A rabble of children is huddled together alongside the bus.

Here we are, New York City.”, cheers a perky blond lady, “The Big Apple, The Capital of the world, The City that Never Sle-” Her ramblings is cut short by the massive foot of the super villainess that flattens her and children.

Oh…my…GOD!” says the man tightly gasping the hand of his nine-year old son.

The man glares intensely at her humongous toes; her hellish red painted toenails alludes at the gruesome fates of the teacher and tykes.

Damn Wonder Woman, she gave me such a turn on.” she claims with her hands under loin cloth caressing every part of orifice.

Daddy, what’s that!” hollers the boy as the father frantically places his hand over his eyes “Cover your eyes son!” yells the father, as their splashed with clear sticky thick fluids from above.

Much better.” sighs the giantess, her eyes nearly recedes upward into her sockets “Wait a minute.”

She jams her index finger inside her butt passing through her rectum; she continuously stimulates her rectum biting her lower lip.

Ah... much better.”

She ceases her anal pleasures to see a small girl who had miraculously avoided the ill fated trample. The toddler stares up at the giantess, petrified and traumatized.

What an annoyance.” sneers Giganta.

She brings that same tainted finger down on the innocent girl who’s to terrified to run, gluing her to the single remnant of stool the size of a boulder. She brings the finger to her nose gleefully inhaling the girl into the fleshy dark caverns of her nose, all while reveling in the scent of her posterior. Giganta continues her path to the city in pursuit of super heroine.

High above the where many would call heaven lies a cold dark hell waiting to engulf any one foolish enough to venture into it unprepared. There within the sea of stars lies a satellite station within Earth’s orbit, known to many as The Watchtower. It’s a haven for earth’s guardian angels. Inside stands: the green alien Martian Manhunter, the cocky but intelligent Flash, the fearless Green Lantern, The tiny but ingenious Atom, and the stoic crime fighter Batman. Within a room occupied by a huge monitor, they observe the events unfolding.

The President is calling in the military. His faith in the league has been shaken.” Says the Martian sitting composed in front the monitor.

But it would take days or even weeks to evacuate the entire city!” The Flash interjects.

He’s aware of that” the Martian responds in monotonous tone not batting an eye to the astonished quickster.

More casualties will just erupt from their involvement. We have to stop Giganta before the military acts.” says the outraged Green Lantern.

Batman quickly remarks “Yes, but we need a plan, a strategy.”

May I present a probable solution? I believe if I shrink down to a sub-atomic level, I can travel throughout her body in search of a weak spot without fear of being detected.” says the doll-sized Atom sited atop the shoulder of Green Lantern.

The room is filled with silence.

Sounds like a plan to me.”, says The Flash.

Ok, but how you going to get close enough to her body?” asks Green Lantern

Leave that to me GL.” Says The Flash

I’ll have the teleportation pods ready upon your departure.” says the Martian typing away under the monitor.

Jon, contact Elasti-Girl and Leviathan just in case, and if you can Superman as well.” says Batman.

Right” confirms the Martian.

The heroes departs from the room with great haste, the seemingly indifferent Martian breaks his concentration from the monitor to bid his comrades a word of farewell, “Good luck.”

Giganta scans the city the area to look and she spots a small building called aptly called the “Banana Café”.

I could use a snack before crushing my longtime arch enemy.” professes Giganta.

Within the bustling city teaming with people of different size and colors

Inside the colorful café are the lively couple’s smooches, singles typing away on their laptops, and chattering buddies dining on a variety of Cuban cuisine. They are all oblivious to the impending danger outside. Standing by the bar is a certain blond foolhardy superhero in blue and gold spandex with his blue eyes covered by golden visor, known as Booster Gold to the very few leaguers who choose to acknowledge his existence. He leans against the table beside the professionally dressed buxom blond beauty in a futile attempt to woo her.

You know I had my own league of super heroes once” he proclaims, the woman remains unimpressed by his tells of past heroics. She stares blankly off into space; she however takes notice of the tiny debris falling into her martini glass as the café begins to tremble as a crowd of people can be seen running outside the window. The entire café quakes heavily for a brief moment, the roof starts to tremble and weep as it disappears from sight. To everyone’s surprise it is replaced by Giganta’s busty mounds.

Bugs. You all look like BUGS!” snarls Giganta.

Help Blue Beetle!” screams a man in the background.

It’s Booster Gold!” he yells, paralyzed in placed contemplating on his course of action.

She raises the building over her gaping maw engulfing everything and everyone that spills out the building. Booster Gold shakes off the fall and takes flight, in all his selflessness he takes into his arms the woman he had been attempting to woo leaving the rest to fall to their deaths.

Hurry! We’re not going to make it out.” yells the woman.

However before he and the woman can escape, the closing teethes seals their fates as Giganta gulps them down her throat. Their cries can be heard within the throat of ruthless vixen. She shakes the building like the pepper shakers in hopes of finding her favorite delicacies.

What, no bananas? Hmph.” she mumbles subsequently tossing the building into an intersection killing hundreds in the following explosion.

Anyway, now to Wonder Woman” darting her head towards district of cluttered buildings with abandonment isolated from the more refined sectors of the Big Apple. Sniffing the polluted the air, her enhanced sense of smell stemming from her time as a gorilla directs her past the 11-story apartments in the distance. She treads the street evoking high-pitched shrills of the fleeing populace, she stops dead in her tracks when her big crushes a school bus full of children. Giganta now stands menacingly over a high school that’s teaming with students and teachers, frighten and titillated alike. She looks down on the schoolyard, eyebrow a raised and a devious smirk to instill fear to people below.

We were too late, everyone back into the school!” screams the distinguished principle

Knowing what fate has in store for them if they linger long enough, the masses of students and teachers bolts to the school.

No you don’t.” she retorts pressing her massive foot down on the entire vicinity emitting a powerful earthquake.

She raises her foot to gaze upon her wound be victims only to see them protect by a round lucid green barrier, in front of the terrorized school goers stands a man in green and black spandex.

GREEN LANTERN?!” hollers the villainous vixens.

Giganta angrily scoops the gumball sized barrier and swallows it, sending Green Lantern and the dozens school goers to their murky graves in running river of saliva.

GL!” screams The Flash.

Green Lantern!” screams Batman and Atom.

Hey Atom you ready!” Flash questions sternly holding out his hand.

Affirmative.” Says the miniature superhero, jumping down from the quickster’s shoulder into his palm.

Wait Flash!” cries Batman in frantic plead.

Don’t Bats. You go retrieve Wonder Woman before it’s too late.”

The Flash takes off at Godspeed from atop the building with The Atom clutched softly in his hands. Inside the bowels of the power mad Giganta, the barrier that once glowed forest green now flickers an olive green, just barely illuminating the fleshy interior.

Damn it! My ring is slowly but surely losing power.” Green Lantern contemplates, while the others are huddled behind him.

Floating atop the sea of acid amongst the edible and non-edible remains, he silently observes the passing the passing skeletons and burned and broken down remains of human beings. While the crowd of teenagers begins to sob and cower at the sight of the human remains.

Oh my god.”

God help us please”

Were gonna DIE!”

We need Superman!”

In the distance, Green Lantern spots a figure swimming his way.

AHHHHHH!” cries Booster Gold, emerging from the gritty waters heavily scarred and burned.

Hal! Let me in…LET ME IN HAL! He pleads pounding frantically on the barrier.

Green Lantern bows his head in sadness as Booster Gold dissolves away into nothing but bones.

Outside Flash zigzags through the colossus tracks of land, while avoiding the swift and violent swat of Giganta’s hands.

Ok Atom, proceed with operation Orgasm!” hollers The Flash running the leg of the femme fatale.

The Atom traverses through the fiery red forest of tall thick curly bushes.

From the power scent of the foul aroma I must be close.” He deduces while treading through the bushes.

He ends up in a clearing meeting up with a mountain sized pink.

Eureka! The clitoris.”

Flash continues race across Giganta’s body

Get AWAY, Bug.” Cries Giganta

Whoa!” exclaims Giganta looking at her crotch.

It’s working!” says Flash stopping dead in his tracks.

Oh!.” moans Giganta collapsing back first to the ground, while The Flash dashes the remaining civilians out taking on the appearance of a hurricane. She hits the ground with great force cracking the ground beneath her. Her legs spread wide open, her scantly loin-cloth can hide nothing.

Now is my chance” declares The Flash sprinting towards Giganta’s reproductive opening.

Running through the damp and smelly tunnel he nearly collides into a large hump.

I suppose this would be the G-Spot!”

The Flash proceeds to run around in a circle at high speed creating a cyclone to stimulate the inner caverns of the giantess.

Uh-Oh. I’m going CUM.” she says softly trying to stand to her feets.

The Atom stumbles down the fleshy folds of the labia falling head first in the puckering anus. The contracting folds sucks him in between the rectum, he takes his last breath holding his nose as he is consumed by the convulsing walls. His micro-sized body slips into the slimy hole.

I’M CUMMING!” screaming at the top of her lungs, her voice shatters all the glass within the vicinity. She falls back first into the ground spreading her legs to reveal a passage meant for reproduction. Inside The Flash is spirited away by the clear oozing fluids escaping from the cervix.

Damn it! My speed.” he gags as the stream caries him out of Giganta’s cavern. He’s tumbles downhill the cheeks of Giganta’s bottom falling rock hard into the pavement.

Wally!” Batman roars at the sun.

Above the city, the sun makes it departure showing no remorse for the stranded citizens below leaving the sky as orange as the fruit itself. Not very from the heavens where the cotton candy clouds floats is the walking giantess treading through the city yet untouched by her bane.

I may no longer be a gorilla, but my nose is as sharp as ever. I know she’s around here somewhere.” she reflects to herself sniffing the air.

Suddenly high-pitched buzzing begins to plague her ears like that of angry bees. She twists her head to see a fleet of silver fighter jets slicing through the air towards her way.

FLIES.” she scoffs, curling her fists.

Below the clouds rides the battalion of armored tanks

ROACHES!” she jeers, curling her lips down.

As they approached they realized that were no smaller than fleas compared if not much smaller. To display their true show of bravery the fleet of jet fighters’ proceeds to fire a volley of missiles at the muscular body of the ruthless beauty while tanks attack from below. Each explosion creating a dazzling display of fireworks that succeeds in filling the terrified citizens below with a small sense of hope as the giantess body is consumed in smoke.

Inside the body of the now peerless Giganta, the crowd of students and teachers fearfully walks behind the unshaken Green Lantern down the rectal walls. The pink fleshy wall oozes with slime emitting a smell most terrible, in fact the area is permeated with this odor.

My ring is running out of power, we’ll have to tough it the rest of the way.” Green Lantern smoothly declares.

Hey what is this rock made of?” questions the airheaded cheerleader placing her hand on the mushy brown boulder in the corner.

Were in the final portion of the large intestine.” replies the shrewd girl.


Exactly.” confirms the girl, fiddling with her glasses.

GROSS!” Distaste the teenage, shaking her hand to it of the mush of waste.

They cease fire after smoke spreads through the city suffocating the citizens. The dust begins to part ways with the citizens, taking with it the peoples hope. To everyone’s horror and arousal, the strongwoman stands unharmed. For all their firepower they only managed to rid the world of Giganta’s clothes. The only accessories to occupy her body are the golden bracelets and anklets.

Standing with both her fist placed proudly on her hips “IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?!”

She subsequently smashes the entire group of jet between her busty breasts, squeezing her bosom tightly together. She licks up the crumb-sized remains of the jets from her breasts along with the few survivors. She turns her wrath towards the retreating soldiers leaving their tanks.

HERE, I commend you braves ants with a bronze of my own.” She declares squatting over the retreating soldiers.

Green Lantern and the others notice the contractions of the walls, behind them they see the dirty brown stool comparable to a mountain sliding their way.

Everyone, Run!” shrills Green Lantern, letting the young and old civilians alike run past him. He aims his ring at the incoming turd, creating a large green knightly shield to hold the inanimate worm of filth at bay. To no avail, his shield protects him not, as he pushed along the narrowing path. Everyone is quickly overtaken by the rock hard waste, their pushed out the bright opening.

AHHHHHHHH!” scream the civilians.

While appearing to be heavenly escape at first sight they soon find themselves plummeting to their deaths. The sky drops specks of raining bodies and large feces above the soldiers. Green Lantern is the last to be excreted, plunging down from the sky. The rock hard stool is the only cushion that greets him below, falling back first of the hills of feces. Losing consciousness, his last sight is of Giganta posterior squeezing out one last boulder.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my-.” The foul mass of waste drops on fearless but dead hero.

Giganta’s bracelets begin to glow as bright as the sun nearly illuminating the sky as the purple pushes the orange away for the night sky. She raises her index finger pointing towards the American flag, zapping it with a golden beam. The flag enlarges to her proportion, large enough to be hand held cloth in her hands. She wipes her butt with the flag and flings it over the battered and bruised soldiers adding insult to injury.

The city sky is now desolate of anything but the blinking stars, as half the state has lost much of its illumination to the ravage of Giganta. In a brightly lit room, the walls heavenly white only occupied by a small television planted atop a wall. This is the vision that Wonder Woman awakens to as she finds herself in a snow white gown. The faces of two small black children linger at her side to greet the puzzled super heroine.

Hey Annie, she’s awake!” shouts the boy.

You ok Wonder Lady?” says the girl, with a worried look in her eye.

Yes little one, I’m ok.” utters the super heroine stroking her hand through the three pony tails of the little girl.

Tell me little ones, how did I get here” she asks, planting her feet’s on the ground from the supposed safety of her bed.

We found you on a fieldtrip and we call 911.” says the boy with apparent shyness.

Thank you.” says the grateful Amazonian.

The room begins to shiver, the wall cracks as loud noise akin to thunder can be heard from outside. The girl cowers tightly in the arms of Wonder Woman. The boy runs to the opened window with reckless abandon. Through the window, his sight of the purple colored sky is eclipsed by a single cold piercing green iris.

Found you!” Giganta declares proudly.

The boy falls to the ground

No NO, get back over here!” screams Wonder Woman taking the little girl under her wing.

Alfred, come back!” the girl shrieks in a fanatic cry.

The eye retreats from sight, only to be replaced by the acrid opening of the giantess’s rear end, the foul smell quickly permeates the room. The boy becomes fascinated to the concaving wrinkles; the child approaches the rancid rectum.

Oh…that tickles.” Giganta giggles, with her plumped posterior bend over the hospital. “Alright, take this!” she roars, banishing a powerful blast of gas from her bottom, tremendous enough to send the super heroine and children’s crashing heavily into the wall. The building comes down around theme crumbling over their heads. The after effect is what looks to be the long awaited tomb of Wonder Woman that Giganta has awaited for so long.

AND FOR GOOD MEASURES!” She stomps on the remaining rumbles.

Giganta notices a bat flying the background, flying through the open moon is the blackest sky is the caped crusader.

BATMAN?” gasp Giganta.

Swinging through the air with his line gun, in his arms he carries the battered Wonder Woman.

Bruce? The children…” whispers the weary Amazonian.

I’m sorry Diana, I couldn’t save them.” He says with his voice full of sorrow, boarding the bat-shaped plane.

YOU RAT WITH WINGS!” she yells filling the air with waves of her voice not jogging far through the near desolate city. Before catching up to dark superhero and her fallen nemesis swatting the plane across the city to a nearby island, fill with buildings yet to be untouched. They collide at the edge of the crowded express way. The people abandon their cars fleeing through the highway cluttered with cars upon the sight of the naked giantess. The people soon ceases their running, Giganta notices the tiny people stands deftly still like a statues.

Batman takes off with Wonder Woman with his line gun taking refuge atop the Empire State Building. Still aroused by the words of her spectators she plunges her vagina on the building consuming the caped crusader and the Amazonian in her damp caverns. She vigorously thrusts her body up and down, the employees of famous building gets an intimate look of Giganta’s reproductive system.

Yeah…that’s it…die WONDER WOMAN…die BATMAN.” She exclaims in seductive tone. “DIE!” she screams as the white collar workers view is over taken by the clear water running the windows.

The fluids break into the building overtaking the stunned employees. She witnesses the bruised and beaten bodies of Wonder Woman and Batman slide into the open manhole, she turns over in the middle of the wreckage falling deeply asleep, leaving the physically and mentally fatigued civilians to gaze upon her butt as the aroma from her giant bottom whiffs through the air.

Under the rising sun, a boat load of people evacuating the state of New York sails down the serene waters. Their boat begins to rock and fumble while elevating to the morning sky, they see the face of the redheaded villain. They learn they their ship lies on the wet hills of giantess as she emerged from the depths of ocean covered in soapsuds. The ship slides down her slippery mounds into sea with alongside the water. Stepping on to land she fixes her in a ponytail, she gently slips contacts into her eyes, changing them from emerald green to sky blue. She glosses her lips rosy red, no longer blackish red it was before. A helicopter appears behind the thick end of the super villainess, within the chopper the timid new anchor speaks “This is Mark Jones from Channel 12 News. I come to you from New York Manhattan…holy-

Giganta unwittingly fingers them into her rectum to satisfy a raging itch at the bottom of her cheeks. She slips out of birthday suit into a pink split dress, adorning herself with golden accessory. She is barefoot on longer sliding her feet’s into the tower golden heel boots. She turns around to see that the ruins have become a tourist attraction. A crowd of tourists stands on the tattered Empire State Building peeking up with binoculars and immortalizing the villainess as she looks down in awe.

So puny fleas, like my ass do they?” she says . She plunges her butt on the broken building entrapping many of the tourists within her butt.

Hello everyone, this is Amanda Grey with Hello America News. I take you to New York Manhattan, where I stand below the 2000ft tall Giganta.” She narrates facing her viewers

Giganta looks down to see the speck sized star struck anchorwoman standing at her heels in center of the cheering masses “Miss Giganta, can you give us a few words on your remarkable success of defeating the most prominent members of The Justice League?, How did it feel?”, holding the microphone to the air.

Giganta squats over “It felt…GREAT.” she gloats gleefully.

Do you have any comments for the viewers out there?”

Yes, I hereby declare myself the GODDESS of this blue world. If anyone has a problem with that, then come and get me...if you CAN.” She boasts viewing the camera she unleashes a torrent of lemon colored juices upon her tiny viewers inducing a ferocious tsunami.

And there you have it folks” the anchorwoman says with her neck up to urine.

While he crowd of fans were than happy to be carried away by the large ocean like wave urine, the worn out civilians of New York can only flee in horror at the of the running waves of urine.

What city should I purge next?” She asks walking off into the distance of rising sun.

Maybe I should let girls back at the prison in on the fun.” She says holding her glowing index finger.