The Comics Archives

The New site is up!
MaximumGts the home for my work in the Giantess and shrinking generas, unlike some of my other projects [] its no longer active except for a commision now and then.
the COMPLETE Giganta comic can be found here!
A New Goddess
..a epic tale [at least the first 20 [now 24!] pages of it] starring.. everyone! ..and giganta.
...a unfortunate story involving excessive poo, please dont read.
Return of the Gypsy Lady
[is for your own good!' ..another troublesome young fellow is given some serious ass-time.
a mama dickgirl teaches her daughter how to do it right! [warning: ohmigod! has poo and everything! run awaaayyy!!!]
'here comes the main atraction.. MY ASS!' the girls want some homage paid [warning: bit of poo]
The Visit
'..and these beans havent been helping!' the poor giantess girl cant help it [warning:lots of poo!]
Jimmy is just plain BAD! Luckily help is at hand, rather drastic ASS treatment.
Linda and jenny do their bit, instilling moral fibre thru the application of still more Ass Time.
Work to do
A big ass girl gives a fellow some much deserved ass time [you might be starting to see a patern here].
More Ass Time, 'back home when boys act up...' a troublesome youth gets some cultural tutelage.
Double Time
A continuation of the Ass Time saga as our disciplinarian is forced to take matters into her own hands.. er.. ass.
The Fight
A couple of girls get into a fight over a fella with spectacular results.
A girl is shipwrecked and runs rampant in a kingdom of little people. Yes, you know the story.
ilayhu's sites-- 3d giantess art.
<Giantess Erodreams Store< home of the worlds most dangerous women [annnd giantess]
-->BE and stuff(also giantess)
Comics by DreamTales GTS, SW and SM comics and stories, i've done a lil bit of color work for them.
Process Productions
Ready Art's yahoo group (BE GTS)
-->giantess vore
Live action Giantess swallowing POV vids and stuff.
This is an extremely informal list, mainly just people i've heard from, drop me a note if you'd like to be listed or if you know of one (or two) that should go on here...